Frequently Asked Questions

Burning a Candle and Safety

  • Are the burn instruction on the warning label just a suggestion?
    No, following the burn instructions are for your safety and the proper burn of the candle. 

  • Why do I have to cut the wick before I burn it again?
    Keeping the wick no longer than a 1/4 of an inch assists in the proper burn of the candle and maintains the heat at a level adequate for the size for the vessel (container). 

  • What is a melt pool?
    It is the amount of melted wax in your vessel while the candle is burning. A full melt pool is melted wax touching the edge of the vessel.  

  • How long should I burn a candle?
    The very first time you burn a Lanena Lynn candle you should keep it on for at least 3 hours or until there is a full melt pool (melted wax to the edge of the vessel). You should never burn a candle longer than 4 hours or leave it unattended. 


  • What are your candles and melts made out of? 
    There is a 100% natural soy option and a paraffin soy blend option. 

  • What is Parasoy wax?
    It is a blend of paraffin and soy wax that make the final product.

  • What is the white fuzzy looking stuff on the top of the soy candle?
    It is crystalize wax (frosting) that happens during the cooling process of the soy. It is perfectly normal to have this happen and the side effects of a natural product.  

  • Why is my soy candle not smooth on the top after I've burned it? Depending on the temperature of your room and how quickly the melt pool cools will depend on how smooth the top will be. Though, having an uneven top on a soy candle is the side effect of a natural product.
  • What do we do with the vessel when the candle is done?
    We recommend reusing or recycling the glass, metal and plastic.